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Life is busy, Receive calls on your schedule!

Forward office calls to your cell without your customer’s
knowing your cell phone number.

Send after hour calls to your voice mail.

Get voice mail notification as email with recording attached.

Mobile Support

Make and receive business calls from your cell phone with free apps. Check voicemail, call logs, and contacts from your phone.

Storm Cloud

  • Let Us Manage Your Phone System
  • No Need to Buy Expensive Hardware
  • Easily Expand and NO Long Term Contract
  • Get all of the Hi-Tech Features for Small Business

Cost Savings

Significantly reduce your local and long distance phone bill with our VoIP technology. Less maintenance and hassle for your IT department. We will operate and maintain your phone system for you.


We eliminate the need for multiple vendors such as local and long distance providers, maintenance repair men, and expensive phone system hardware that will be obsolete in a year. Now all you need is StormPBX. With StormPBX, you can reap all the benefits that big businesses have. Such as Hi-Tech Auto-Attendants, Ring Groups, Call Queues, and the best part you will save money. At no obligation we can review your telecom needs. Even if you don’t use us we can still advise you on what your best options are. Call and see how we can help you today.

StormPBX Benefits

Cost Savings

  • Significantly reduce your local and long distance phone bill with our VoIP technology.
  • No need for expensive hardware. We have it all for you, in the cloud.
  • Less maintenance and hassle for your IT department. We will operate and maintain your phone system for you.


  • You can expand or contract with the growth of your business with no long term contract. Never get stuck in an obsolete phone system again.
  • Easily add/delete/modify users and Auto Attendants without the hassle of having the expense “phone guy” come out anymore.


  • With the reduced complexity, maintenance, and administration, you will be free to work on other things. Meaning more productivity from your staff.
Multiple Locations
  • If you have multiple locations all over the globe, or have many people working from home, we brings all of the great features to them. They can where anywhere and still have an desktop and an extension just like they are in the office.

Mobile Phones

  • With mobile apps, our amazing phone system can be with you when you’re on the go.
  • We support many types of softphone and allows you to take your features and rates with you, no matter where you are.

Premium Features


    Your business may be small, but you can give the appearance of a large company with our Hi-Tech Auto-Attendant. Think of it as a digital receptionist. Answer every call professionally and send it to the right person or department, every time. You can add new employees or departments as your company grows.


    Call recording can be a great help to your business. Record inbound and outbound calls on demand or all calls. Access these recordings anytime, wherever you are. You can record conversations for a variety of purposes: Monitoring call center agents, meeting compliance regulations, training customer service employees, and reducing your company’s liability by addressing any security concerns.


    The cost of face-to-face meetings can really eat up your company’s budget. Save time and money with our audio conferencing. It may be highly advanced, but it’s easy to use. No need to travel across town or across the country to collaborate with employees or vendors. Be more agile, more efficient, and more productive with Audio Conferencing from dialing in or even on Mobile App.


    We can give you toll-free numbers to use for your business, or you can bring your toll-free numbers to us and we can port them in.